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Innovative Technology Solutions

Solutions that are tailored to your specific needs, without the enterprise software bloat.


Accounting is an integral part of any business, and often, one of the most overlooked areas when considering ways to streamline and become more efficient.

Accounting software, such as Quickbooks, may help you perform the day-to-day operations of bookkeeping and invoicing, but it may not handle everything. We often hear from our customers that they struggle to fully integrate their accounting software with other essential processes, such as creating proposals, requesting purchase orders, and tracking inventory.

We can help seamlessly integrate your accounting software with the rest of your business.


People, equipment, projects, inventory, and scheduling compete for your time and priority – which may lead to chaos and “inefficiencies of scale”.

Often, many of these processes for managing operations come from necessity and not from a well organized plan. We can help you implement automated workflows, deploy lightweight applications, and increase collaboration with web-based applications to de-bottleneck your processes and get you back on track.

Streamlining operations, reducing conflicts of priority, and optimizing your time. That’s what we can do for you.


Adhering to regulations, either federal, local, or both, is an important part of any business where safety, health, and/or environmental concerns are at the forefront of a successful operation. Often, complying with these regulations requires complex data gathering, analysis, and reporting tasks that could take a small team weeks to complete and place an unnecessary strain on your operations.

We can turn this arduous requirement into a simple task by developing lightweight applications that automate the entire process; from data gathering to reporting. Our solutions can either “bolt” on top of your existing data capturing methods, or we can design your entire compliance system from the ground up.

With our solutions you can feel confident that you’ll always be prepared.

Automated Workflows

Keeping track of approval requests or which step you are on in a workflow can be over-bearing and time-consuming; often resulting in lost requests or wasted time and effort. If your business processes reside on paper, you’re likely missing out on a treasure-trove of data that can uncover hidden inefficiencies or provide insight into your pain points.

We can design your workflow around a structured, automated system, that guides you through each step of your predefined process without missing a step. Each trigger of your workflow results in a unique instance of your process allowing you to keep tabs on important indicators such as time-to-approval, amount of requests or approvals made by certain users, or reasons for rejection. 

Shed light on your business processes and increase the speed, efficiency, and reliability of your operations by automating your business processes.


Not interested in anything we listed above? No problem.

Our solutions are designed to fit within your existing processes and systems. We’re confident that we can help you solve any challenge – fitting any use case.